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Tale of Sasquatch

2.99 usd

A hilarious adventure, originally written for the theatre, by acclaimed Canadian author and director Randall Dark. It chronicles the misadventures of Rupert (or Woopert, as he would say) and his best friend Mr. Stinky the sock, as they search the woods for food, since "winteh is c-c-coming and f-f-food will soon be scahce." Frankly, though, Rupert could be anybody, including you know who:  The story is really about feeling like there’s something “wrong” with you — and discovering that it’s okay to be different. During their quest, they wrestle with good vs. bad and ultimately stumble upon the origin of Sasquatch! Whether you're a student, parent or teacher, you can have a lot of fun with the app.  Put on a play at home or at school. Try out your acting skills. And who knows?  You might even discover some hidden talents -- and end up with an Oscar or a Tony Awawd Winning Theatwical Expewience. This new app offers the following features: Breath-taking illustrations, graphics and animation by award winning animation director and illustrator Panagiotis Rappas..Original music written just for the app.
Little treasures of interactivity throughout the eBook to makereading a more vivid experience.
Rupert’s dictionary of theatrical terms from A to Z and his 10 acting words of wisdom will offer your child an inspiring Introduction to the world of theater.
The option to listen to the narration through an actor’s voice.
Games that will enhance your child’s abilities and imagination.
A quality international production by Ever After Tales bought to you by Producer Hal Waite.